Universal, Distributed, Flexible
Energy Management Solution

Why OpCo EMS ?

Bring your company energy management to a higher level !
Know your expenses

Specific knowledge of the consumption of electricity daily, hourly or by functional areas, is a prerequisite to plan and implement certain measures in order to save electricity. Such measures may be the replacement of equipment with high energy consumption, reconstruction of parts of the electricity infrastructure and creating systems for manual or automatic reduction of the power consumption.

Motivate people

Have you ever wondered why the expenses you make in the supermarket magically decrease right after you start to write down everything you spend? Or why when you drive and the display of the board computer shows the fuel consumption you instinctively start to drive more economically. The studies show that the psychological effect of monitoring the energy consumption alone, leads to reduction of the expenses between 5 and 7%!

Save your equipment

Often there are cases of serious damages caused by the bad quality of the electricity used. If the repair of the expensive equipment costs several thousands, everyone would like it not to be repeated again. Observe and analyze the quality parameters of the electricity in order to be able to diagnose and eliminate the causes of such breakdowns before they occur.


The requirements imposed by laws and regulations, concerning the daily and even hourly prognosis of the necessary electricity, become more and more strict. On the other hand, planning is the most important step in managing every process, including the consumption of energy. The only way to respond to the challenge and not suffer unnecessary losses is to have an up-to-date and detailed statistics, to base your prognosis on.


  • Flexible configuration

    The system's flexible configuration features make it easy to deploy in any company. The energy model is configured quickly and does not require intervention of IT professionals.

  • Display real-time information

    OpCoEMS allows you to monitor live the behavior of groups of parameters and to manage energy processes in real time.

  • Data logging. Reports and statistics

    Logging of snapshot, averrage, minimum and maximum values, events and consumed amounts. Standard and user defined graphical and tabular reports.

  • Costing of consumed energy

    In addition to quantity, OpCoEMS gives information about the value of the consumed energy by using preconfigured tariff plans with seasonal and time zone prices.

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